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‘Everything you want to know about siblings’

HOLLAND BLOORVIEW Kids Rehabilitation Hospital | Toronto, Canada | September 2014

Interview in BLOOM magazine (ISSUU p. 18 onwards) with the author about the siblingbook with 36 stories of brothers and sisters, ranging from 6 to 69 years. Read more about the book.

Here you can also read what advice siblings give their parents – if they decided to speak up.

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‘No brother or sister should grow up thinking I am the only one’

Longer interview on BLOOM’s Holland Bloorview website. About why the author decided to write a book for siblings of children and adults with a disability, chronic illness or disorder.

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Interview by : Louise Kinross

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Broers- en zussenboek (216 p) – Anjet van Dijken – LannooCampus, Houten, Netherlands – Publishing date: september 2014 –  17cm x 23cm – Full Color – EAN 9789401408844